Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Long Island Dog Boarding -- TLC for small breed dogs with The Doggie Nanny

Looking back...Long Island Small Dog Boarding
with The Doggie Nanny

I thought it would be a good time to post on somethings that happened over the years.

In 2010 I became a foster mom for Yorkie Rescue 911. So far we helped in the adoptions of 8 beautiful little dogs. It was wonderful to be part of the process of helping these little dogs find new homes-- helping them regain their confidence after finding themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and later introducing them to their new families. If you are thinking about adding a new little dog to your family, please consider adopting from Yorkie Rescue 911. Visit the site to see the available dogs. The list is updated frequently. You might also consider becoming a foster family for one of these precious little pets. I guarantee you will find it very rewarding.

In 2011 we fostered a senior dog that has been named Van Gogh by Rescue911-- a perfect name for this little guy as was found with one crumpled up  ear on the streets of Brookhaven. 

 I was wondering if we could find this old little man a nice home where he can enjoy the rest of his life when a miracle happened!  Watch the video about Van Gogh and his incredible story!


As an Art Driector/Graphic Designer I have always had an interest in photography.  Over the past year, I expanded my equipment and have been working on flash photography.  I have done still life food photography for several years now for a local bakery, but this year I did my first out-of-house photo shoot using a professional flash set up.

December 2013 I was the photographer at a Christmas photo shoot at Petsmart for Yorkie 911 Rescue--complete with Santa. Their regular photographer was not available so I had the opportunity to fill in. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, so we didn't have the hoped for turnout. But still, we got some very nice dogs and pet parents to sit for us.  Here is a sample of some of the photos.

If you are having a pet event and need a photographer--give me a call!

To see all the photos from the shoot-- click here
Photography by THE DOGGIE NANNYPhotography by THE DOGGIE NANNY Photography by THE DOGGIE NANNYPhotography by THE DOGGIE NANNYPhotography by THE DOGGIE NANNY

And of course if you are looking for someone to care for your little doggies while you are away, give me a call!  631 742 4176.  Or visit: 

Celebrating St Patrick's Day on Long Island!

Happy St Patrick's Day
From The Doggie Nanny and Bella!

Long Island Small Dog Boarding
with The Doggie Nanny
TLC for Little Doggies--Minis, Toys and Teacups

Cageless, home boarding for little fur babies.

Here is our little Bella, all dressed up and
ready for a parade...bagpipes and all!
Costume designed and made by The Doggie Nanny

Bella is ready for St Patrick's Day!

Dog Costume designed and created by The Doggie Nanny

Dog Costume designed and created by The Doggie Nanny

Dog Costume designed and created by The Doggie Nanny


Dog Costume designed and created by The Doggie Nanny

Dog Costume designed and created by The Doggie Nanny

Dog Costume designed and created by The Doggie Nanny

The Doggie Nanny and her little doggies celebrate St Patrick's Day

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Frenchie's Kitchen Dog Food at the 2014 New York Pet Fashion Show

Frenchie's Kitchen-- 
fresh dog food, served at the
2014 New York Pet Fashion Show

A number of vendorsThe 2014 New York Pet Fashion Show, but none of them had the reaction from the dogs that Frenchie's Kitchen generated!  

Absolutely yummy looking portions of this all natural, frozen dog food were offered
to all the dogs in attendance.  It was noted by many, that the dogs ate up every morsel
on their individual servings-- and wanted more!

The food is not over processed.  It looks like food you would make
in your own kitchen for your fur baby.

Based in Texas, Frenchie's Kitchen is available in a limited number of locations
at the present time, but their products can be purchased over the internet.

Doggie Nanny Recommended!

My dog Bella was at the show, and she loved Frenchie's Kitchen Chicken Dinner.
I was tempted to have some myself it looked so good!

Here is one of the dogs at the Fashion Show about to enjoy
a sample of Frenchie's Kitchen.
Dinner is served!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 New York Pet Fashion Show at the Hotel Pennsylvania

The  2014 New York Pet Fashion Show at the Hotel Pennsylvania was very well attended this year--a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Mayor's Alliance of NYC to help homeless pets.  Not only were there lots of beautiful dogs of all sizes in costumes, many fur parents went all out for the occasion too.

There were vendors with many unique products, great food, a cash bar to start the evening off.  Then the fashions began on the catwalk-- or this time, the dogwalk--with models and pups showing off designs by several Pet Fashion Designers --but the best part of the evening was the finale, when pet parents and their doggies got to walk the runway and show off their own designs.  What fun!

Many of New York's Doggie Celebrities were there as well as some of NYC's top Pet Fashion Designers.

Here is a short video with my photos -- hope you join us there next year!

Bella's Dress for the 2014 Pet Fashion Show
by The Doggie Nanny
inspiration: Crown Jewels

Dress by The Doggie Nanny for the  New York Pet Fashion Show  -- 2014
Bella's Gown for the New York Pet Fashion Show
click to enlarge
Dress by The Doggie Nanny

MTV Covered the event too!

Get More: MTV Shows

A great video by the Wall Street Journal explains the event:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Finding Inspiration for The Doggie Fashion Show of the Year in NYC! | The New York Pet Fashion Show

Getting inspired for the 2014 New York Pet Fashion Show!

(Formerly know as the Pre-Westminster Dog Fashion Show) 

How do you get ideas for a new design? 

The theme of this year's NYC Dog Fashion show is

 "Crown Jewels of Fashion and Rescue"

One way to start a new design is to look for inspiration from the past.
I found some images for inspiration for a doggie gown
If I have time, I plan on sewing a few costumes.

To start, I have some embroidered silk that I think would make a beautiful skirt to a doggie gown, with a coordinating silk for the bodice.  I pulled some bling from my embellishment box and began to work out a design.

This is where I started:

And the final result:

2014 New York Pet Fashion Show
Bella's Gown for the New York Pet Fashion Show
Bella's Gown designed and sewn by The Doggie Nanny

Here are some beautiful gowns and jewels I found for inspiration.Visit my Pinterest board for more inspiration.

When I think of "Royal" red velvet and white silk seem to come to mind immediately, so I think I will have to create something in that color scheme too! 


Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Doggie Fashion Show of the Year in NYC!

Getting ready for the New York Pet Fashion Show!

(Formerly know as the Pre-Westminster Dog Fashion Show)

There are some things that we indulge ourselves in that, well let's face it-- are not necessary-- but they add a great deal of pleasure to our lives.  A Pet Fashion Show, (yes I will admit it's a frivolous) is something I love to attend and be a part of. As a small dog lover, it is just plain fun, and a portion of the proceeds goes to help animal rescue.

A couple of years ago, I had the honor to be one of the designers on the runway for a fundraiser for Yorkie911 Rescue, Inc.  It was my first time as a "Pet Fashion Designer" and I really didn't know how to present myself or my designs on the runway, but I learned from watching the other experienced and well known "Dog Couture" designers.  If I ever have the pleasure of being invited to participate in another pet fashion show, I will be sure to not be shy and hide behind the curtains! I will strut out on the Red Carpet with mutts and pups who model in my designs-- just like the other designers do!

Animal lovers, those involved in Pet Fashion and Animal Rescue are making plans to attend the Annual New York Pet Fashion Show--Feb 7th, 2014.  

For many involved in the dog world, this event it is the start of an exciting, dog-centered week in New York City --held the Friday before the NYC Westminster events commence.

This year's theme "Crown Jewels of Fashion And Rescue" is sure to inspire many unique costumes for both fur babies and their humans. Some people go to great lengths and expense to wow their friends with imaginative and creative costumes --for themselves and their dogs. The Press is sure to be there with coverage on Television, and photos that are shared throughout the world on the web and social media.  

I myself have been looking for inspiration for the dog dress that my little Bella will wear. Of course my little Bella will attend the Ball!  Only the best for Bella! 

I created a board on Pinterest to inspire my imagination.  Click here to view my board

I have pulled out the beautiful tapestries and embroidered silks I have collected for my doggie designs and picked out bling for embellishments. My extra bedroom has been transformed into my sewing room once again; I started to layout some ideas on today on my canine mannequin and this week the cutting and sewing will begin. Let the thread fly!

I am excited to see the doggie couture inspired by this year's theme, and how humans accompanying their pets will be decked out!  It should be a royal affair!

Contact phone number is 646 202 3807 to reach Gregg Oehler, Chairman on the NY Pet Fashion Show.

Click here to purchase tickets.